Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Care of your Sterling Silver Jewellery

Hi everyone,

Just thought for my second post I'd give you a little tip on the best way to keep Sterling Silver jewellery pristine.

Sterling silver tarnishes over time, simply by being in contact with the air.  it is best to put your jewellery away after use, inside a box or cloth bag and away from other jewellery to avoid scratches.  To remove tarnish and help restore shine to your jewellery, rub gently using a cotton cloth (one specifically for silver cleaning if you have one).  Use mild soapy water if necessary, rinse gently afterwards and dry thoroughly. Wearing your jewellery regularly helps to reduce tarnishing.

If your gemstones or pearls require a clean, the best option again is a damp cloth.  Detergents are not recommended as some gemstones are porous and this may affect their quality and beauty.  Try not to spray products such as hairspray or perfume directly on to your jewellery or wear while you are taking a shower or bath. 

You can also buy little pads that preserve silver, and put them in the bag with your jewellery. 

This hopefully all helps to keep your silver bright and shiny.  Of course, the best way, is to keep wearing it!


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